About the SCOFA Subcommittee on Transportation Finance Policy

The Subcommittee shall investigate, study, debate, discuss and disseminate information related to state and federal transportation finance policy issues; advise the Standing Committee on Finance and Administration on matters of transportation finance policy issues for their communication with AASHTO Board of Directors; and work to create, provide and utilize a cohesive, national network of transportation financial experts for use by AASHTO and member departments. Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership thereon.

To ensure consistency and the best thinking of the Association, the subcommittee shall work cooperatively, as appropriate, with other subcommittees.

SOTFP Strategic Plan

     Lorie Tudor
     Deputy Director/Chief Operating Officer, ​Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
Vice Chair:
     Laura Mester
     Chief Administrative Officer, Michigan Department of Transportation
     ​James Bass
     Chief Financial Officer, Texas Department of Transportation​