​​​​AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Finance Policy

Welcome to the website of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Finance Policy, or SOTFP. We address many issues and interests related to this topic, including identification and implem​entation of funding and financing solutions to meet America's transportation infrastructure investment needs. Given the current economic and political climate, there is no shortage of challenges ahead of us in the area of transportation finance policy. I hope that you will find this website to be a useful resource in addressing such challenges.


Beth Nachreiner
Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy and Freight
Maryland Department of Transportation​​

  • 21-24 November 2014: SCOFA and Subcommittee on Transportation Finance Policy Meetings, AASHTO Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC


​​​If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding Subcommittee business, please contact Joung Lee or Bud McDonald​.

All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have the opportunity to designate one official member on the Subcommittee. For membership appointments, please contact Joung or Bud.